We are a Sacred Name ministry providing well-researched information from modern scholarship on the question of the true name of our Heavenly Father. We believe in incorporating the true Divine Names in worship for both YHVH the Father and Y'shua (alternately spelled Yeshua or Yahshua) the Messiah.


We Praise the Glorious Name of our Heavenly Father - 1 Chronicles 29 verse 13

An In-depth Survey of the Leading Divine Name Research Available.

This website includes an "Introduction" pull-down menu containing, firstly, a short list of principles that should guide us all on the subject of the Divine Names. Separate pages also contain significant statements by the leading Hebraic and antiquarian scholars of the world concerning the Sacred Names, listed as Biblical Research, Historical Research, and other Scholarly Research. These individuals include such recognized scholars as William Foxwell Albright, who is widely considered the past century's leading scholar of ancient languages and antiquities. At least two dozen other recognized scholars are quoted as well. Although we do not consider ourselves to be leading Hebrew language scholars, nor have we published articles in prestigious journals, the educators we quote on this website have impeccable credentials in their field, and their statements should not be ignored by the Sacred Name community.

The importance of the research on this website is that we present a multitude of sources, not just our own opinions, and not just one authority. For example, one Sacred Name website bases its opinions entirely from a letter to the editor of a magazine, written by an almost totally unknown and seemingly unpublished author. In our view, anyone can get a letter to the editor published, nor does it indicate that the magazine agreed with the view taken in the letter. (In fact, they did not!)

Our "Articles" pull-down menu includes well-researched essays on YHVH's Name and its pronunciation, the Name of the Messiah, and the National Name of Israel's Elohim. Again many authorities are quoted to substantiate the positions taken. We pray that these well-thought studies will be a help and benefit to you.

Finally, the Articles page includes information on the subject of "Sacred Name Errors." There is growing pressure to "conform" being placed upon those who use the Divine Names. We therefore state for the record that we do not wish to cause division or anger among our fellow believers, and conflict is not the purpose of this website or of our organized efforts. Nevertheless, we are interested in following the Truth wherever it leads, and can never give that up just for the sake of amity. We therefore hope that the information we are posting will be a blessing to you and increase your faith-walk, and draw you closer to your Elohim! May Yah bless you richly!

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YHVH, The King of Creation

Sacred Name Information and Research Special Report:
The True Divine Name and Why We Need To Know!

The Sacred Name community is divided into many different groups with many different versions of the Divine Name. Which is correct? Dr. R. Kendall Soulen expressed this issue quite well: "Few issues are so central to biblical faith and yet so perplexing as the Name of God." ("The Name of the Holy Trinity: A Triune Name," in Theology Today 59-2 (2002), p.244-5) Every ministry has their own opinion, but it is probably safe to say that none of the Sacred Name congregations has even one recognized published Hebrew scholar on staff. To find the answer, this ministry has spent the last fifteen years researching the issue in the great libraries of the world, reading books and theological journal articles to piece together the true story. We have spent dozens of hours in Chicago's Oriental Institute Library, The University of Michigan Graduate Studies Library, the famed British Library in London, England, and other notable libraries as well. The many hundreds of pages of notes taken down in our research into the Divine Name over these many years are being condensed so that we are able to give you the most interesting and important statements by the leading Hebraic and antiquarian scholars of the world, and we are in the process of placing our findings on this website for your own edification.

Yah's Name is to be Hallowed, Revered, Honored, Kept Holy

The importance of knowing and using the true Sacred Names was probably best expressed by Jewish theologian, Michael Wyschogrod, who stated, "The God of Israel has a proper Name. There is no fact in Jewish theology more significant than this." ("The Body of Faith: God in the People of Israel," San Francisco, Harper and Row, 1989, p.91) We can also add that it is important to Christians also, for Scripture tells us that Yah's Name is to be Revered, Honored, and kept Holy: "He said to them, When you pray, say, Father, thy name be revered, thy Reign begin;" (Luke 11:2, Moffatt)

The Phillips Translation renders this verse: " Father, may your name be honoured..." The Scriptures Version says, " Father may Thy name be kept holy;" Of course, the familiar King James Version and many other translations use the word, "Hallowed," an old English term meaning much the same thing. There is no consistency among Bibles, nor among Christian believers on the subject of the Sacred Name.

The Old Testament also shows no consistency in rendering the Divine Name. In the famous passage of the good and bad figs in Jeremiah 16, we read: " ‘And I shall give them a heart to know Me, that I am יהוה . And they shall be My people and I shall be their Elohim, for they shall turn back to Me with all their heart." (verse 2 from The Scriptures Translation) In place of the Hebrew Tetragrammaton, Young's Literal Translation says, "And have given to them a heart to know Me, For I am Jehovah..." In comparison, Rotherham's Emphasized Bible uses "Yahweh" here, while the King James Version uses "Lord." These are all popular disparate terms used for "Deity."

Which of these and other terms gives the most glory to our Heavenly Father and brings us into closest relationship to Him? Find the answer from the results of modern respected scholarship by reading the information on our "Sacred Name Research" menu pages, and may you be blessed in your journey as you draw closer to Him.

THE SACRED NAME RIDDLE !! Can You Tell What is the Name of Elohim?

Psalm 30:4 is in the form of a riddle with importance to us as Christian believers. It states, "Who hath ascended up into heaven, or descended? who hath gathered the wind in his fists? who hath bound the waters in a garment? who hath established all the ends of the earth? what is his name, and what is his son's name, if thou canst tell?" (KJV) The answer to the first part of the riddle is found in the New Testament; in John 3:13 we are told Who it is that ascended into heaven, and descended. Then in Psalm 72:8 we are told Who it is that established the ends of the earth , and in Psalm 135:7 Who it is that gathered the wind and is sovereign over all the ends of the earth.

But now comes the hard part. What is His Name, and His Son's Name? The answer to this is a mystery to most Christians and Jews, but we have provided the answer for you in an accompanying article, "What Is His Name?"

Scripture Passages Which Uphold the Worship of the Name of YHVH Elohim!

Psalm 33:21 Trusting in His Holy Name brings rejoicing.
Psalm 44:20 His Name has been forgotten/neglected by many of His people!
Psalm 54:6 His Name is important to know!
Psalm 69:36 Zion is the land promised for those who love His Name
Psalm 118:26 A Messianic Hymn; Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of YHVH.
Psalm 138:2 His Name and His Word will be exalted above everything else!

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